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What about helmets?
We leave it with you to decide whether you want to wear a helmet or not. If you decide to wear a helmet then it will only be effective if it is adjusted properly. Helmets need to be snug with the front of the helmet covering your temple. While we can lend you a helmet and advise on adjustment it's your responsibility to fit your helmet. Ideally you should bring your own helmet already adjusted according to the instructions.
What clothing should I wear?
Wear comfortable, close-fitting clothing that allows freedom of movement. Avoid anything trailing or flapping (long scarves, long coats, very loose clothing) which can get tangled in a bicycle's moving parts. If it's cold, dress warm including gloves that grip and allow you full control of your bicycle's brakes and gears.
Do I need my own bike?
No. We have bikes you can train on at all our venues except Clifton Park. Contact us if you need a bike for Road Confidence Training and we will try to help.
How much are your courses?
Most of our courses are free as they are funded by DoT via your local authority.
Do you teach children?
In Sheffield we only train children in Abbeyfield Park on Sunday mornings. You have to register your child and then request a booking. Learn to Ride sessions at Abbeyfield Park are 60 mins. Ideally you should bring the child's bike so our trainer can make sure it is set-up correctly. If you don't have a bike you are welcome to use one of ours but cannot guarantee it will be an exact size as we have limited storage. We also train children on Doncaster and Rotherham.  Start by emailing:
How do I get there?
Directions are available under 'Our venues'.
What if I need to cancel?
Please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer your place to another trainee.  Phone or text 07765 381 529 or email
How do I book?
Phone or text 07772 374 759 or email
What is Cycle Boost?
You are able to loan bikes and ebikes via the Cycle Boost schemes in Sheffield, Rotherham and Barnsley. Doncaster have a bike library at the Keeepmoat
We offer free 15 minute  Cycle Boost Assessments which you are required to pass before you can borrow a bike from Rotherham or Sheffield.
Why Pedal Ready?
Are you ready to pedal? Whatever your cycling journey we at  Pedal Ready are ready to help you get there. We've been around for ages and know some stuff.
When and where are your courses?
Calendars that show our timetables by location and course type can be be found under 'Location Timetables' and 'Our courses' respectively.     
How do I work for Pedal Ready
We are always looking for qualified cycle trainers who are available to work weekends. email