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Trainers: Paul

I’ve been cycling for nearly 50 years. When I was a boy I was always in the woods or a park, learning how to handle a bike, I built jumps to jump like Evel Knievel, though I always landed right side up apart from once when I did a double forward roll, whilst still on the bike, before landing on my back, the only damage was to the gears which I had to get to work when I got home! I’m a Mountain Biker & can be found in the Peak district riding the trails. I have also lead groups of scouts in Scotland with their off road riding since 2006. I raced Mountain Bikes for 12 years. Recently I have done more on road riding including the 100 mile ride during the Eroica Bike Festivals in Bakewell. I qualified as a Bike Ability cycling instructor in 2008, I am also qualified to take groups off road, Mountain Biking. The skills learnt Mountain Biking certainly help when road riding. Only recently did I realise I was quietly passionate about cycling. I enjoy helping children and adults learn to ride and seeing their reaction when, for the first timethey ride a bike un-aided, for many the start of their own cycling journey and the freedom it gives.